Our Services

One Hour

Sevati Massage

Our One Hour Sevati Massage is tailored to your needs. Our therapists are adept at listening to you and to what's going on with your body and adjusting the type of work that needs to be done that day. Whether that's a smooth, relaxing Swedish style massage or more intensive deep tissue work, you will leave feeling restored and re-balanced in your body.

90 Minute

Sevati Massage

Our 90 Minute Sevati Massage allows our therapists to focus more fully on each area of the body being worked on. Pressure is always adjusted to be most effective for each massage, leaving you with increased range of motion, and less pain from those stubborn knots. 

60 Minute

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage for all stages of pregnancy designed to decrease aches and pains associated with mom's changing body. Performed in side-lying position for maximum comfort.